The Tokusatsu Network Podcast

TokuNet Podcast #68 - Tokusatsu and Otaku Culture

July 23, 2021


In episode 68 of the TokuNet podcast, the team discusses the realities of being an otaku and how otakus are portrayed in tokusatsu.

Note: There is mention of the Tsutomu Miyazaki case which includes murder, sexual assault, and other topics. The discussion starts at 15:40. Please feel free to skip ahead a few minutes if you don't wish to hear about those subjects.

In this episode, Team TokuNet talks about what it means to be an otaku, the cultural history of the term, how tokusatsu portrays otakus, and what the future holds for otaku culture.


Podcast Editor: HenshinKitty

Podcast Feature Art by Travis Butts

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