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TokuNet Podcast #61 - 2020 Tokusatsu In Review

December 18, 2020


In episode 61 of the TokuNet podcast, the team reflects on what 2020 tokusatsu shows had in store for us and what to look forward to for next year.

In this episode, the team gets together and reminisces on the tokusatsu shows that aired during 2020.

Timestamps for each discussion (spoiler alert for each show):
0:05:55: Globalization of tokusatsu in 2020
0:37:38: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger
0:49:18: Dogengers
1:01:35: Kamen Rider Zero-One
1:31:49: Mashin Sentai Kiramager
2:02:18: Garo VR
2:07:44: Ultraman Z
2:24:25: Kamen Rider Saber


Podcast Editor: HenshinKitty

Podcast Feature Art by Travis Butts

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